The English Language Program (ELP) at SEEDAC COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCE promotes the value of communicative competence for both academic achievement and professional success.

We help students develop their English communication skills and understanding of global business settings. Classes are interactive, student-driven, and in relation to market demands. There is an emphasis on nuances of expression, critical thinking, and intercultural communications skills to serve students in their learning, development, and overall confidence. Classes focus on using spoken and written English for both business and academic purposes.

ELP course fees are included in tuition that full-time students pay each semester, thus there is no additional fee.

Business English I and II are available for Undergraduate Students

Weekly opportunity for exchanging cultural experiences, ideas and questions. Contact english@seedac.ac.in for more information.

Nandakumar V

Nandakumar has an MA in Functional English. Nandakumar’s teaching interests include intercultural communication, writing and proofreading skills, vocabulary acquisition strategies, goal setting and reflective practices. He believes students learn best when they feel confident their questions will be answered, comfortable enough to take risks, and motivated to improve!