Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in English Literature

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature, you will be able to study and analyze literature, both classical and contemporary, along with building skills on writing, composition, and public speaking. If you love the written word, are curious about humanity’s vast potential for literary expression, and you wish to deepen your own understanding of the English language, this is the degree program for you. The English degree is among the most popular and well–established pathways through higher education. Simply, stated, this is a classic among degrees.


3 Years | Six Semesters


50% marks in +2/HSC/VHSE with any subject of study


Semester I

  • Transactions
  • Ways with Words
  • Malayalam/Hindi/German
  • Introducing Literature
  • Journalism

Semester II

  • Academic Writing
  • Contemporary Readings
  • Malayalam/Hindi/German
  • Appreciating Poetry
  • Indian Constitution & Politics

Semester III

  • Signatures
  • Malayalam/Hindi/German
  • Appreciating the Prose
  • English Grammar & Usage
  • Journalism

Semester IV

  • Spectrum
  • Malayalam/Hindi/German
  • Appreciating Fiction
  • Literary Criticism
  • Indian Constitution & Politics

Semester V

  • Indian Writing in English
  • Language & Linguistics
  • Methodology of Literature
  • Informatics
  • Project

Semester VI

  • Voices of Women
  • Classics of World Literature
  • Film Studies
  • New Literatures in English
  • Project & Viva-Voce

Job Prospects:


B.A degree in English Literature will be the starting point to begin your career as:

  • Writer
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Journalist
  • Digital Copywriter
  • Editor/Proofreader
  • English Teacher